To load these workspaces into VoreenVE, just open the ZIP file directly using File / Open Workspace. You will then be asked to specify where to extract the archive to.

Please Note: For Voreen versions older than 3.0, please see use the zip-files in the release archive. In case you encounter any problems when opening a workspace archive with a Voreen version older than 2.55, you should extract it using File / Extract Workspace Archive... instead.


Labeling (7 MB)
Interactive labeling of the NCAT phantom.
Segmented Walnut (64 MB)
Rendering of the segmented walnut data set using Voreen's SegmentationRaycaster. The outer shell, the core (green) and the seed (red) are visualized. The segmentation has been obtained with our guided Random Walker approach.
Volume Dynamics (7 MB)
Volume series of ten consecutive time steps of a moving golf ball. After loading the workspace in VoreenVE, open the animation tool for playing the animation or to record it as video.
Geometry (15 kB)
A pre-computed curve skeleton of the cow data set is rendered as point list and composited with a DVR of the volume.
Streamlines 3D (1 MB)
A demonstration of flow visualization in Voreen (module Flowreen) using three-dimensional pathlines.