Data Sets

Our Data Sets

Here you can find some volume data sets for download. Please feel free to use them. You may also redistribute the data sets, but only unchanged and especially without modifying the copyright notice contained in the .dat files.

Walnut (63 MB)
CT scan of a walnut, conducted on a small-animal CT scanner. Data set courtesy of European Institut of Molecular Imaging (EIMI), Muenster, Germany (
(400x296x352 voxels, 16 bit, unsigned short )
Walnut Segmentation (80 MB)
Binary as well as probabilistic segmentations of the walnut data set, including the nut, shell, seed, and core segments. The segmentations have been obtained with our guided Random Walker approach.
(400x296x352 voxels, mixed)
Mouse (6 MB)
A PET scan of a mouse acquired on a QuadHidac small animal PET scanner.
(150x150x276 voxels, 16 bit)
Golf Ball (7 MB)
Time-varying dataset of a golf ball containing 10 consecutive frames.
(512x256x256 voxels, 8 bit)

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