About Voreen

VoreenVE 3.0 - Development ModeVoreen is an open source volume rendering engine which allows interactive visualization of volumetric data sets with high flexibility when integrating new visualization techniques. It is implemented as a multi-platform (Windows and Linux) C++ library using OpenGL and GLSL for GPU-based rendering, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

The Voreen project has been initiated in 2005 at the University of Münster as subproject of the collaborative research center SFB 656, and is now developed cooperatively between the University of Münster and Linköping University.

To see what Voreen can do, take a look at the video tutorials, the gallery, the getting started guide, or just download Voreen and try it out yourself!


  • Voreen 3.0.1 Maintenance Release
    31.05.2012: Voreen 3.0.1 maintenance release can now be downloaded. Significant ATI/AMD driver issues have now been addressed and other bug fixes / optimizations have been made for stability and improved rendering performance. Please see the Changelog for details.

  • Voreen distributed as package for openSUSE
    26.04.2012: We are happy to announce that openSUSE users can now install binaries and/or developer package of Voreen. Please see bottom of the Download section for installations instructions. 

  • Paper accepted at EG PGV 2012
    27.03.2012: Our paper on explicit cache manangement for GPU-based ray-casting of volumetric data has been accepted to the Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization (EGPGV 2012). You can find more information about the paper on its associated website.

  • Voreen 3.0 out now
    17.03.2012: We are happy to announce the new Voreen 3.0 release. It has been a long time since our last release, and accordingly several changes have been made. We now support rendering and processing of data sets exceeding GPU memory, saving and storing of different network states and annotations that can be used to document complex networks. These are just a few changes, for an entire list please refer to the changelog. As usual, you can download the new version as source archives for windows and linux as well as windows prebuild, or checkout from our public SVN.

  • STAR on Volume Illumination
    17.02.2012: Our state of the art report on "Interactive Volume Rendering with Volumetric Illumination" has been accepted to be presented at this year's Eurographics conference. In our presentation we will compare existing techniques and discuss the underlying theory as well as their implementation.

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